Beer for the People | Bright as a Button

By: Naomi Kerchinsky

Troubled Monk’s newest craft beer is “Bright as a Button” and tastes absolutely brilliant. A rare style in craft beer, English Bitter is an amazing brew for both malt fans and hop heads.


Your portable retreat to London

This beer welcomes you to linger. To grab a seat on the patio and let the spring sun’s rays warm both you and your beer. Unlike other styles, as it warms a bit, the flavours and aromas open up, inviting you into a temporary alternative world. A portable retreat onto the streets of London. With every sip of this copper-coloured brew, flavours of dark caramel, green forest earthiness, and citrus transport you to another land.

To the nose, you’ll smell caramel, candied orange peel, and a light earthiness. The lower carbonation helps soften the bitterness from the EKG, Fuggle and Challenger hops with a lingering taste that is mildly herbal. A hint of biscuit malt appears as the sweeter caramel and citrus notes fade. It will get your knickers in a twist, and leave you salivating for more. 

Fun Fact: This style of beer is a favourite of Troubled Monk’s operation manager Marc Shields.

A Beer For The People

Are you in for a very British Friday tradition? Pop ‘round the pub straight after work this Friday to enjoy a pint outside.

In Britain, this might look like people standing in flocks on street corners as the Brits get in their “2 pints ‘n a packet o’ crisps” before heading home. In COVID times at Troubled Monk, it resembles appropriately spaced tables that sit no more than 6 people. But at least it is Spring, and it feels like patio season to us! So come have an English Bitter, a proper style from across the pond.

An English Bitter is a beer for the people. A beer to be consumed in British pubs on Friday nights. A beer to be sipped on our outdoor patio that stretches as far as we can reach. And wherever you are in your current life, we recognize that people need a pint right about now. We hope this new brew will keep you bright as a button, even in the darkest times.

three cans of troubled monk bright as a button english bitter sitting on a wood patio table outside of the taproom.

Fancy a pint?

They’ve actually done it, the absolute mad lads. Troubled Monk has brewed an English Bitter, a proper style from across the pond. Don’t get your knickers in a twist, Bright As A Button tastes absolutely brilliant. This isn’t a beer for the posh, it’s a beer for the people. Fancy a pint? ABV 5.6%