Now THAT is a good beer…or is THIS? | This & That

By: Naomi Kerchinsky

Like that weird but wonderful peanut butter & pickle combination that is awfully good, THIS Black IPA and THAT White IPA both have a unique composition. But when the elements combine, two well-balanced beers are created. Pick up a four-pack to decide for yourself if THAT is a good beer…or is it THIS?

Beer Announcement: This & That Black & White IPA's. In select stores, the taproom and online at


THAT White IPA pours slightly hazy with a golden straw colour. A strong hop aroma pushes through with notes of tropical fruit, coriander, white wine grapes and a lime-forward blend of citrus. Sharing many characteristics with a Witbier, Belgium yeast and spices are present in every sip. The flavours will warm you long after your first taste with a touch of lingering floral flavours, and tingling clove and black pepper on the tongue.

THIS Black IPA is a hoppy dark beer as you might expect from a black and pale beer. A wafting aroma of roasted malt and nuttiness play alongside pine, orange peel, and the slightest hint of mint. The nuttiness leads charge, chased by a hoppy bitterness, and rolls out with a toasty roast flavour to finish. Beyond the surface, and hidden amongst the bright hoppiness, you’ll also find pine, orange, chocolate, and earthy tones.

a picture of THAT White IPA poured into a glass with a golden straw colour, and a picture of THAT Black IPA poured into a glass appearing as a dark beer

Fun Fact: THIS was actually suppose to be the White IPA, and THAT was suppose to be the Black IPA. For everyone’s sanity, Taproom Staff Jen thinks we should just call our next beer WHATEVER.

The Urge to Merge

Troubled Monk’s latest seasonal release not only combines two beer styles into two different beers, but also packages both beers up into one easy-to-grab pack. You truly are getting a little of THIS and a little of THAT every time. We welcome those who can only see beer styles as one dimensional, to open up their eyes and their mouths. Look past the contradiction and be delightfully pleased that a beer can be dark and pale, and that a marriage of a wheat-based Belgium Witbier and a hoppy American IPA is a good thing. Think about it: what if Mambo #5 only chose Jessica? The song would have totally flunked.

Unusual combinations are a way to expose yourself to different styles you might not otherwise have tried. A White IPA is a great gateway to those beginning to explore the world of hops. And a Black IPA is a nice change of pace from typical IPAs. And if you can’t decide what you want to try, we make the decision easy. Each four-pack has two cans of Black IPA and two cans of White IPA. After scootering across town, grab a can of THIS. After floating down the river, grab a can of THAT. And if you’re heading to the mountains for the weekend, grab a pack of these, so you can have THIS & THAT after parking your trailer.

A can of THIS White IPA in silver and black, and a cna of THAT Black IPA in black and silver sitting on a table at troubled monk taproom

You look lost – we have a Black IPA or a White IPA

What’s that? Oh, that’s a can of this, and this is a can of that. You want a can of THIS? Did you mean a can of THAT? Do you want this, that, or a four-pack of those?