Stay Groovy | Velour Pantsuit Key Lime Gose

By: Naomi Kerchinsky

Are you looking for a beer that is going to taste as good as you feel? We see you strolling around the neighbourhood in your velour pantsuit that feels as fabulous as it looks. So we made you a key lime gose as smartly dressed as you, so that class extends all the way to your glass.

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Velour Pantsuit Key Lime Gose

Key Lime Pie

This beer pours a light amber colour with a key lime pie aroma. The first sip is bubbling with carbonation, yet there’s also a softness that comes from a touch of salt. The beer itself is not overly tart with hints of sweetness, yet it still maintains true to a traditional gose (pronounced goz-uh) by being both salty and sour. There are subtle hints of lime from the key lime puree, sweetness from the honey malt, graham cracker biscuit notes from the Victory malt, and tartness from the yogurt and lactobacillus yeast used to sour the mash. A final floral characteristic emerges at the end from the addition of coriander, rounding this beer off as a pleasantly perfect gose.

a picture of the green and purple velour pantsuit can and a picture of a pint of the amber coloured liquid

Fun Fact: This beer’s name was taken off a staff brainstorming board, but the person who scratched it up on the board remains a mystery.

Everybody’s Talking About my Pantsuit

Gose style is distinctively salty and sour. At first introduction, the flavour profile is a bit of an eyebrow raiser. But this beer owns its style, and in the craft beer world has hallowed out its own little tribe of people who love sours, gose included. So if you thinking that matching your curtains to your bedspread is a good idea, do it. If you think your velour pantsuit is red carpet worthy, then get out there and wear it. And if you think a salty and sour beer sounds strange, don’t knock it till you try it.

Gose’s popularity begin in 18th century Germany. To brew this beer, water was pulled from Goslar’s mineral rich aquifers that had a natural saltiness, giving the beer its salty profile. The sourness comes from lactobacillus yeast being added to the mash. Lactobacillus is the same strain of bacteria that is added to yogurt, providing its probiotic benefits. In our process, the brewers even add tubs upon tubs of yogurt right into the mash. Probiotics are nature’s good bacteria that swoop in to balance the metabolic make-up of your gut health. Bonus! All the more reason to drink more sours. So when you pull on those buttonless tight velour pants and take ’em for a spin around the block, everybody’s going to be talking about how good you look in your mighty tight pants. Stay groovy, superstar!

multiple green and purple cans of velour pantsuit key lime gose shot from above

It’s All Class in this Glass

Couldn’t help but notice you looking at our Velour Pantsuit. From the wood paneling on the wall to the shag carpet in the living room, the “bell-bottom” line is, some people just have an eye for style. Introducing our Key Lime Gose, Velour Pantsuit. A beer you can crush like velvet.

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