Participation Trophy | Award Winning IPA

By: Naomi Kerchinsky

Whether you leap or limp across that finish line, the real secret to life is feeling like you are the champion of the world whether you are 1st or 83rd. And Troubled Monk’s newest hazy IPA, Award Winning, may only be a participation trophy, but it’s a champion in our hearts.

Beer announcement poster of award winning ipa with red and blue graphics. Available in select stores, the taproom and online at
Award WinningIPA

A Hazy IPA with Undefeated Flavour

Award Winning is a dandy of a hazy IPA that pours a laser lemon colour with a plush white head. Its very appearance makes it look full of gusto and ready to devour. It smells of mint, lime zest, and lemon meringue. The meringue comes though as an almost creamy texture with a hop burn that compliments the otherwise tangy notes. This beer is sure to reign as an undefeated champion of delicious flavour!

A pint of Award winning hazy ipa with a cloudy lemon coloured appearance, next to the award winning blue and red can.

Fun Fact: This beer will be the 18th new seasonal release by Troubled Monk in 2021.

Participating makes you a winner

There is continued debates on the merits of participatory trophies. As negatives, they stunt internal motivation, de-value the true winner, and overall are a symptom of modern-day helicopter parenting standards. Even the owner of the participation trophy feels a bit ho-hum about their gadget, as all that trophy is really saying is you tried your best and you still failed. To counter that argument, being present, showing up, and trying new things is worthy of an award.

Yet the secret is not the award, but more so, how the owner views the award. If, as far as you’re concerned, your arrival as the 83rd in the competition makes you feel like you have done really, really well, then you are the champion. The truth is that being athletic or lame is one and all the same, since at different points in your life you will face both.

At Troubled Monk we have a goal in 2021 to brew more seasonal brews than any other Alberta craft brewery. Will we reach this goal or not? We don’t know. What we do know is that Award Winning puts us one step closer, one more Alberta made seasonal craft beer to add to our cellar. And for that reason, we are awarding ourselves a participatory trophy. For this beer, like all of our beers, could not make us more proud because we know how much presence and hard work goes into our never-ending devotion to finding the next perfect recipe.

A picture of three cans of troubled monk award winning hazy ipa sitting on the patio with flowers behind. The can is blue and red, and blue and red graphics frame the three can stack.

Success is just a state of mind

Anything can be Award-Winning if you just GIVE it an award! Even if you get an award for being the worst at something, you’re still an award winner! Success is just a state of mind. Our Award Winning IPA has earned it very own participation trophy, and we couldn’t be more proud!

We are turning eight!

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