The Next Generation | Rye-Pod IPA

By: Naomi Kerchinsky

Welcome the next generation of Troubled Monk beers with our newest innovation: Rye-Pod IPA. Rumoured to create an immersive IPA experience, this beer will enhance your everyday life like no other. A true powerhouse of UX.

Rye Pod IPA. In select stores, the taproom and available online at
Rye Pod IPA

There is no IPA like Rye-Pod

Level up with Rye-Pod, a IPA that comes in one all-star colour: a beautiful amber tone. Available to drink in two great deisgns – a Troubled Monk 20 oz Pint Glass, or a sleek, ergonomic 473 ml can. Close your eyes and inhale wafting floral scents, with a 4X better first sip than any IPA before it. First, you’ll be hit with a piney bitterness before it softens into floral flavours, rounding out with a melty, malty Rye backbone. It finishes off with a hint of orange lingering on the back of your tongue.

A pour image of Rye pod IPA with a beautiful amber colour.

Fun Fact: Rye-Pod was made with REAL rye. Using VR Rye is so 2020.

Set to Deliver An Immersive IPA Experience

When it comes to immersive experiences, one shoe does not fit all. The user must pick combos and elements they believe will be the perfect recipe for enhancing their everyday life. Let Rye-Pod be the beginning of your choose-your-own-adventure to make your moment all the more engaging and satisfying. Choose from our list of ideas & strategies below to create your very own immersive Rye-Pod experience:

1. Twinning: before this beer was even a beer, we created a near-exact digital twin replica to study this brew’s behaviours and traits. Well, maybe not exactly, but we have made some pretty mouth-watering IPA recipes in our past. So rest assured whatever adventure you choose, when you crack open a Rye-Pod, absolutely everything has been done to create an optimal IPA beer-drinking experience for you.

2. What is your Big Picture: what experience are you looking to create and how can Rye-Pod make this experience better? For example, are you planing on having some craft beer lovers over for a BBQ, and want to impress them with the newest Troubled Monk IPA innovation? Or are you looking to visit a craft brewery on your Central Alberta road trip weekend adventure? Choose the experience you want and take the steps to make it happen.

3. Lock in the Details: the more your immersive experience feels like the real thing, the better it becomes. So in this case, let’s just drop the game, and cut to the point: having a real beer is much better than having a virtual reality beer. Go ahead, treat yourself to the real thing! If you chose BBQ with craft beer lovers, simply order Troubled Monk on our online store to be delivered to your door. If you chose visit a craft brewery on a weekend road trip, then walk into the taproom to find yourself a table on the patio, and order a cold pint from your server to enjoy in the afternoon sun.

Whatever your adventure, let Troubled Monk’s newest Rye-Pod tag along for the ride. You choose your experience, who you want to experience it with, and we provide the perfect Rye IPA. Move over, virtual reality. With our great beer and your next dreamt up experience, you have all the pieces to make the real thing happen.

Image of Rye-Pod beer mimicking the early Iphone ads with a silhouette of a man holding up the beer and a purple and gold background

Software Update Complete

Troubled Monk is proud to present our all-new Rye IPA: Rye-Pod! With a sleek, ergonomic can design, and enough storage for up to 473 ml of beer! The Rye-Pod cannot take pictures or videos, download apps, or play music. But the software update won’t take any longer than drinking a beer.