Style + Ease | Steezy California Common

By: Naomi Kerchinsky

Woah bro, you gotta try this beer, it’s the Steezy King of style and ease. It’s like this gnarly crispy lager that goes down with effortless ease, and then has style for days with a toasty malty flair. How can I be Steezy like you beer?

Steezy California Common

Big On Flavour, Goes Down Easy

There is nothing sleazy about our new Steezy California Common. This amber-coloured beer pours clear with a soft, cream-coloured head. The aroma is full of sweet malt flavour from the added 2-Row, Red Shed Light Chocolate, C-40, and Red-X malts. Notes of biscuit and digestive crackers are supported by hints of raisin, a touch of caramel, and even the faintest lick of coffee. Columbus hops keep the malt sweetness in check with dried orange peel flavours left lingering on the palette. This beer is not shy on flavour, but rest assured, it goes down easy.

pour image of steezy california common poued into a pint glass with an amber colour

Fun Fact: Steam beer aka California Common gets its name from the visual bubbling effect that happens when you ferment a warm-fermented ale with lager yeast.

How to Be Steezy

California Commons, also referred to as Steam beers, were a popular style of beer in California in the mid to late 1800’s, coinciding with the goldrush. Due to a lack of refrigeration, California Commons are fermented with a lager yeast at ale temperatures, creating a hybrid beer that is crispy and hearty. 

This style of beer fizzled out in the mid 20th century as modern brewing techniques and refrigeration moved onto the western frontier. Steam Beers got a bad reputation of being less refined than more strict modern lager styles, and those who drank them were unworldly working class folk. Fast forward to the 1980s when San Francisco craft brewery, Anchor Brewing, brought this style of beer back into the mainstream. The hybrid beer style has remained popular due to its unique and delicious profile. 

So what can this teach us about how to be steezy? Ride the wave bro. You may be loved one day, and hated the next, but stay true to your form and one day you’ll be back in style. And if you can’t pull off flair with effortless ease, you can always look good with this beer in tow. So grab a 4-pack for all the steeze you need to conquer your day. 

Steezy cans next to Troubled Monk shirts in turquoise, pumpkin orange, brown, and bright orange

Mad Flavour + Rad Label

We’re stoked to show off our new California Common – Steezy.  Some gnarly work went into making this one right, and we think we stuck the landing on it. So even if you’re a poser, we can shoot the breeze ‘cause you’ve got style with ease.