Introducing GrainHenge Whisky

Red Deer’s First Legal Whisky

Proudly Made by Troubled Monk!

GrainHenge is set to launch Red Deer’s first-ever legal whisky on December 7, 2021. The inaugural release from this exclusive small-batch series is Meeting Creek Single Malt Whisky. 

picture of a barrel of whisky with the name grain henge stenciled on it

First Release Inspired from World Beer Cup Victory in 2016

This three-year-old whisky is influenced by one of Troubled Monk’s year-round offerings, Open Road American Brown Ale. A World Beer Cup Victor in 2016, this top-shelf beer has wonderful roasty flavours. In 2018, Head Distiller, Garret Haynes, rewrote this prestigious beer recipe for what would become GrainHenge’s first-ever release, Meeting Creek. Using Open Road’s mash bill for inspiration, he increased the quantity of the 2-row, amber, crystal, brown, and chocolate specialty malts so the notes of nut, caramel, and chocolate would shine in the finished spirit. He notes, “I was pleasantly surprised that the nuttiness from the amber and brown malts, and a lot of the chocolate, persisted through the distillation process. So there is a lot of chocolate and nutty character that remains in the finished spirit.”

picture of grainhenge bottle and poured cram of whisky and garret haynes head distiller holding them in a warehouse full of whisky barrels

About GrainHenge Whisky

GrainHenge’s approach to whisky is rooted in curiosity, and the exploration of flavour through small-batch experiments that mix traditional methods with a spin on different elements, and innovative ingredients that are not commonly used in the whisky space.

Through harnessing the creative power of our craft beer roots, our lifeblood of innovation extends into our spirit program. The first steps to making whisky are also the basic processes of brewing beer. We take our craft beer experience and infuse it into our whisky’s flavour development. Through using grains and malts we love from brewing beer, whisky is a place where we can learn more about our favourite ingredients and use them in new ways. 

GrainHenge celebrates the mysterious synergies that are created when people and ingredients are brought together with curiosity and consideration. The name symbolizes Alberta’s rich history of grain elevators, mills, and abandoned wood structures that are the iconic symbols of the prairies. The monuments inspire awe and motivate gatherings much like an ancient henge, shrouded in mystery. 

Join us on our craft whisky journey, and we will reward you with exciting Canadian-made whisky. 

grainhenge whisky bottle sitting on top of a barrel with lots of barrels of whisky surrounding

A lottery will be held for the first batch release due to high demand and limited supply. There is still time to enter the lottery by visiting or by filling out a form to reserve a bottle.