Friends In Beer Places | I Showed Up In Boots

By: Naomi Kerchinsky

There are a lot of women (including cis, trans, and non-binary individuals) behind the scenes in the craft beer world that you may not know about. Women in beer, at every part of the process, deserve some adoration because they work every day to ensure the beer you drink is fantastic. So here is a shout-out to all those women to keep going and keep showing up for one another. We don’t care if you blame it on your (ginger) roots, just show up in (pink) boots, and go ahead and ruin the black-tie affair. Because we need no social graces when we have the perfect kind of friends to meet in beer places. This year’s Pink Boots collaboration brew, I Showed Up in Boots (ISUIB), is a great beer for a great cause that does not need an ivory tower to prove its worth.

I Showed Up in Boots

Guava, Pineapple, Floral Ginger, Citrus

ISUIB pours a rose gold colour in the glass with a fine white head. The aroma jumps out as tropical fruits, mainly guava and a bit of pineapple, with a pleasant dose of floral ginger. The flavour opens up with a big hit of ginger that is quickly smoothed over by the tropical fruits. This beer was made with 100% natural guava puree and ginger. The ginger builds as you go and combines with a citrus character reminiscent of grapefruit juice. The ginger lingers pleasantly and doesn’t overstay its welcome. The Pink Boots hop blend (HBC 630, Idaho Gem, Loral, Talus, Triumph) is very complimentary to the flavours of guava and ginger.

Fun Fact: Our very own Brewer Bobbi created Cilantro and Chive’s Burger of the Month with $2 from each burger going directly to the Olds College Women & Non-Binary Folk in Brewing Scholarship.

Calling All Craft Beer Trailblazers

Craft beer spaces can be intimidating for women when they are first starting out. The biggest thing to remember is that you belong, and you deserve to take up space. Organizations such as The Pink Boots Society were created to assist, inspire, and encourage women ( cis, trans, and non-binary) to advance their careers through education. The Pink Boots Society is such a positive contributor to the industry as a whole. Through scholarships, an engaged online community, and a member newsletter women are encouraged, given affirmation and support to push forward and become trailblazers in their profession.

Our hope is that our generation is the last generation that really understands what inequality means. There is a general love, appreciation, and welcomeness amongst women in beer. Kimberly Bateman who was instrumental in writing the recipe and executing the entire marketing strategy for this year’s Pink Boots brew shared how fun the process of recipe making, ingredient selection, and beer naming is with the Troubled Monk Team, saying: “There really are no boundaries and everybody is welcomed to contribute.” We are glad that the schooling of ideas led to this delicious guava ginger wheat beer. You can rest assured it will happily chase all of your blues away. 

To celebrate this beer’s release and International Women’s Day 2022, the women of Troubled Monk are getting back together to brew our total banger of a Pink Boots collaboration beer from last year, If the Crown Fits.

Pink Boots Collaboration Beer

You can blame it on our (ginger) roots, we showed up in (pink) boots and ruined your black tie affair! This year’s Pink Boots collaboration brew is a Guava Ginger Wheat Beer. Made by the Women of Troubled Monk, for all their friends in low places.

We are turning eight!

Join us June 10th for our Anniversary Scavenger Hunt & Party!