Ride For Dad | Munich Helles

By: Naomi Kerchinsky

The Ride For Dad, Red Deer Chapter, is run by dedicated volunteers who organize community fundraising to fight prostate cancer here in our region. Ride Captain Vern Lowe, Chairman John Kammerer, and Co-Chair Al Nicks say it’s all about, “Going for a Ride, Doing Something Good.” This group of family-friendly motorcycle enthusiasts use the biker spirit to take on prostate cancer. Their mission is to save men’s lives through funding awareness campaigns and the continued research and development of prostate cancer treatments, the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Canadian men. We partnered with these dedicated volunteers to create Ride For Dad Munich Helles to help them do what they do best: raise funds, save lives, have fun!

Munich Helles

Sweet, Slightly Herbal and Spicy, Refreshing

This pale ale is bright and clear with an aroma of summer air feels: fresh field grass and flowers, light cereal, and a touch of lemon-orange citrus. Flavors of corn, malt, and cracker come through first before ending with dried hay, black pepper, and spice at the finish. The carbonation is refreshing and the bitterness is just high enough to scrub the sweetness from the tongue.

Fun Fact: You do not need a prostate to be part of the Ride For Dad Red Deer Chapter. Close to 50% of this chapter are females.

Enjoying the Journey

If you love to ride motorcycles, you know it is not the destination that matters as much as enjoying the journey. Established in 2000, the Ride for Dad and its charitable arm, the Prostate Cancer Fight Foundation (PCFF), fight for saving mens’ lives because early detection will get you back to enjoying the journey without meeting your final destination too soon.

Ride for Dad, Red Deer Chapter allocates 40% of fundraising to cancer research. In Alberta, one of these initiatives is supporting John D. Lewis Research Group at the University of Alberta, part of the Alberta Prostate Cancer Research Initiative. The Lewis Lab is focused on understanding and ultimately curing prostate cancer whether “new discoveries begin at the bedside or the bench.” Their targeted hands-on approach allows “scientists, doctors, and clinical researchers to work together to address key challenges in prostate cancer care.” 

Did you know when prostate cancer is detected early, the five-year survivability rate is over 93%? These are incredible statistics. And is why the Red Deer chapter allocates 60% of funds on awareness campaigns. They fight for men to get the blood test, because most men don’t die from prostate cancer but from cancers such as bone cancer, testicular cancer, and others that spread from undiagnosed/untreated prostate cancer. Prostate cancer can be beaten, so call your doctor and go get tested today so you can keep doing what you love. 

And what Vern, John, and Al all love to do is ride motorcycles. By coupling what they love with a good cause, they are helping contribute to the over $37 million that the Ride For Dad initiative has raised since its inception. In the meantime, you may find them smiling as they ride down one of their favourite backyard roads: day trip to Wayne, the old HWY 1 Cochrane to Canmore, the Bearberry road west of Sundre, or Hwy 22 to Township Rd 380 by Cow Lake and Prairie Creek. 

By partnering to create Ride for Dad Munich Helles our aim is to spread more awareness encouraging men to take the blood test, and fight against prostate cancer. 

Get The Blood Test

Ride for Dad has a mission to save men’s lives by funding prostate cancer research and raising awareness about the disease across Canada. So we’re helping the only way we know how: Beer. Work with what you’ve got, right?

We are turning eight!

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