Full Bloom | POG Kettle Sour

By: Nena Armstrong

Blooming with citrus, fruity, and floral flavours. This new brew will take you on a tropical adventure!  

ABV 4.7%
SRM 3.1

Tasting Notes

Full Bloom pours pale gold and hazy with a white head. The aroma is full of passionfruit and orange citrus with a floral, herbal background and the promise of sourness. The flavour delivers it all with a refreshingly tart sip that is dominated by passionfruit and fresh Cara Cara orange. The guava supplies a nice, sweet fruitiness that lingers in the after taste while also yielding to subtle yet delightfully complex herbal and floral notes from the fruit and botanicals like juniper and coriander. Easy drinking, refreshing, but worthy of contemplation – this beer is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Fun Fact: The POG blend of Passionfruit, Orange, and Guava was inspired by Disney Park’s fan favourite ‘POG Juice’! The tropical treat is found at Walt Disney World and Disney’s Hawaiian Resort destination. 

Blooming with Flavour

The first tart sip sends your tastebuds on a ride and your lips to pucker in the best way. Enjoy this brew’s complex tropical flavours while soaking in some sunshine, splashing around on a beach, or cherishing the beautiful natural scenery while it’s in full bloom. Brighten the day and bring Full Bloom to your next summer party!

POG Kettle Sour

This brew was fermented using Passionfruit, Cara Cara Orange, and Guava purees for a desired balance between tartness and sweetness. We added gin botanicals to this recipe as well to really elevate the fresh flavours. Botanicals are the plant or parts of the plant used to lift up flavours and aromas. The botanicals used to infuse this brew were coriander, juniper, and elderflower.  Shop Now

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