Canadian Tuxedo – Pilsner

By: Nena Armstrong

Double denim is a way of life!

ABV 4.3%
IBU 25

Tasting Notes

A bold flavour initially of malty sweetness and crispness that subdues into a light hop bitterness. It’s straw-like notes are balanced with some citrus. Aromas and flavours of green apple and cereal grain and deep hoppy notes. Finish is clean and crisp! 

Fun Fact: The term reportedly originated in 1951 after Bing Crosby was refused entry to a hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia, because he was wearing a denim top and denim bottoms.

From Far and Wide..

Originally brewed during the 1920’s in Western Canada, pilsners have become a staple beverage for many. It only made sense to wrap this super tasty craft brew in our finest Canadian attire; denim on denim. We introduce the boldly drinkable Canadian Tuxedo Pilsner. You’re not drunk, just patriotic. 

The Pilsner Style

Classic Pilsners are usually crafted with light-colored Pilsner malt, noble hops, and a bottom-fermenting Pilsner yeast. The ABV falls between of 4.2-5.8 percent and are generally pretty sessionable.