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By: Naomi Kerchinsky

It is always summer when you crack open a can of our fifth fruit beer in our Made in the Shade series: Blackberry. A fruit beer where the berries are always ripe and the taste of summer is always sweet.

Made in the Shade Blackberry Fruit Beer
Made in the Shade: Blackberry Fruit Beer
ABV 4.5%
IBU 2.1
SRM 22

Not Too Sweet, Not Too Tart

The first thing you will notice about this fruit beer is its crisp and clear flushed pink colour. The scent teases you with the light tartness of fresh fruit, berries, and a hint of sweet vanilla. Yet that first sip has an undeniable blackberry essence thanks to the addition of blackberry puree. Although blackberry is the dominant flavour, it is not the only fruit present. A variety of tart berry notes pop in this beer, with raspberry being most recognizable. Gentle notes of vanilla and a hint of something similar to a rosé give this beer a sweet backbone. This fruit beer is made with Azacca and Centennial hops and Origin Pilsner, Flaked Corn and Flaked Wheat Malts.

Made in the Shade Blackberry Fruit Beer

Fun Fact: Little hairs on blackberries are called styles and protect blackberries from damage.

All Gain, No Pain

Blackberries are an iconic summer berry with a lushly sweet, slightly tart, almost citrus profile. An abundant fruit in many parts of the world, the blackberry is not an easy pick. Your lips and fingers are left dyed a delicious purple, but your hands and arms will be well-scratched and briar-riddled by the time the deed is done.

Some might like this no-pain, no-gain approach to blackberry picking, but if you are like us, we would rather enjoy the taste of the blackberry without our hands pulsing in pain. Well lucky for you, our blackberry fruit beer will give you all the gain and with next to no pain as long as you drink responsibly.

You Better Find Some Shade

Finally, a reason to stop associating blackberry with cell phones, and start associating it with beer! Made in the Shade: Blackberry is the fifth fruit beer in our Made in The Shade series and is every bit as good as the beers that came before it. Here just in time for the end of summer!

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