Be Kind Rewind | Cold IPA

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Be Kind Rewind | Cold IPA

Chill out with this new citrus-forward Cold IPA as we throw it back to the VHS days! #VHSANDCHILL

ABV 7.1%
IBU 64
SRM 3.5


Tasting Notes

The aromas of bright citrus come flooding into your nose at first then subside into a hop-packed and crackery finish. There are pungent and complex flavours of orange, lemon, honey, and passion fruit that finish with a hop heavy bitterness. There is a soft mouthfeel with a balanced carbonation. This Cold IPA has a golden hue topped with a foamy white head. This easy drinking brew will have beer lovers longing for more!

Be Kind Rewind | Cold IPA

Fun Fact: The VHS was invented by JVC in Japan in the late ’70s. The best selling VHS tape in history is… The Lion King! 32 million copies of the movie were sold.

Be Kind Rewind

Throwin’ it back to the VHS days. Similar to craft beer lovers searching for a new craft beer to try, movie lovers once paced the rows of the movie rental store until they found the best VHS tape for their Friday movie night with someone special. This Cold IPA is wrapped in nostalgia, reminisce with your loved ones while enjoying one of these undeniably crush-able brews. And remember…

Be Kind Rewind!

What is a Cold IPA?

The Cold IPA is a rather new invention. It is a meticulously curated approach to brewing an IPA. The IPA is fermented at lower temperatures than usual, followed by a dry-hopping technique. The end result is similar to a lager. Not to be mistaken with an Indian Pale Lager, which have a more moderate hop bitterness, Cold IPAs have enhanced hop flavor, alcohol, and clarity. At a respectable 7.1% ABV, this citrus-forward and crisp IPA sets the bar high.

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