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By: Naomi Kerchinsky

Brave Noise is a global collaboration beer with a very brave purpose. Stepping up and speaking out for equity in the beer industry, Brave Noise roars in the face of silence. It pushes breweries to take intentional action and hold each other accountable. No more pushing the issues under the rug. It’s a call to fight for safe places and inclusive environments. To do this, breweries who join this collaboration must commit to four steps.

  1. Create a public code of conduct: Troubled Monk’s Code of Conduct.
  2. Brew Brave Noise Pale Ale, coinciding with publishing their code of conduct for all to see.
  3. Donate a portion of proceeds to a non-profit that advocates for initiatives that reflect those Brave Noise sets out to accomplish. Troubled Monk has chosen the Central Alberta Sexual Assault Support Center (CASASC).
  4. Make a long term commitment to change.
Brave The Noise - Troubled Monk

Releasing Brave Noise is a commitment to use our voice today, tomorrow, and into the future to showcase how we are moving forward. Troubled Monk brewer, Bobbi Cullum (she/her) will head our board to continue promoting a safe and inclusive workplace. A place that encourages the sharing of challenging stories and amplifying silent voices. We are committed to the long term work it will take to achieve equity in the beer industry. And our policies reflect the transparency we aim to have with the consumers who support us.

Everyone Must Stand Together

One of the key goals of the Brave Noise collaboration is to ensure that everyone is involved in asking questions, stepping up, and committing to this long term plan. We push for consumers to ask tough questions and to hold us accountable. When Bobbi approached management about the brew, they had already invested considerable time in drafting a Code of Conduct. Every conversation emphasized the importance that no one ever feels marginalized while on the Troubled Monk premises.

We strive for our workplace and culture to be free of harassment, discrimiation, abusive conduct or retaliation. Our policy is that harrasment based on a person’s race and/ or colour, religion, ancestary, national origin and/or citzenship, sex (including pregnancy), gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, transgender status, marital status, age, physical or mental disability, genetic information, military status or any other consideration made unlawful by federal, provinical, or local laws will not be tolerated.

By brewing this beer, we stand together in solidarity for those who have been discriminated against in our industry and who have spoken out and shared their stories. We aim to bring further awareness to the issues that women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ individuals face in the craft beer industry. We welcome others to stand with us and have the courage to use their voices. We stand together to create a safe and inclusive environment for our employees. And we stand together through the transparency of our code of conduct so any and all can hold us accountable.

We invite you to stand with us, and to keep this movement in motion to create a safe and discrimination-free beer industry!

Only YES Means YES

On Friday, October 29th, Troubled Monk will release Brave Noise Pale Ale with a portion of proceeds going to CASASC. Donations help support survivors of sexual violence, specifically those who connect with the 24 hour Sexual Violence Text, Webchat and Phone Help Line.

One of CASASC’s newest campaigns is “Only Yes Means Yes.” This campaign is focused on prevention and awareness, and will help to enhance access to support through CASASC’s 24 Hour Sexual Violence Help Line. “Only Yes Means Yes” changes how we look at and understand consent. It focuses on positive consent in which only affirmative consent matters. Anything other than an enthusiastic “YES!,” an “omg, yes please…,” or a “f*** yes,” means it is a “no.”

Brave The Noise - Troubled Monk

The “Only Yes Means Yes” campaign reflects the Brave Noise initiative to continue to push conversations and give people who have been victimized a safe place to share their stories. For when we collectively share, we begin to feel less alone, and together we push against what we may have thought was acceptable, when really, it was 100% unacceptable.

What Can You Do To Help The Cause?

Enjoy a pint, pick up a four pack to support an amazing cause, buy some Pro Equality beer club apparel, and look to support other brave breweries who have made a long-term commitment and investment in pushing this conversation forward. Continue to use your voice. Continue to make brave noises.

Brave The Noise - Troubled Monk

Brave Noise will be available in the Troubled Monk Taproom and at our online shop starting October 28th, 2021.

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