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By: Naomi Kerchinsky

Have you ever noticed that there are certain places where a beer just hits differently than normal? Hot tubs, ski hills, hockey rinks, and in the shower are all places where a good beer just tastes better, right? Really it’s the same difference, and these special circumstance beers are not really different in any important way. The point is, our newest beer Hits Different Dry-Hopped Kettle Sour is tasty, and no matter where you have it, don’t take it for granted.

Hits different kettle sour
Hits Different
ABV 6.6%
IBU 38

Fun. Vibrant. Tasty.

From the very first sniff, you can tell there is something different about this golden-hued beer. You can actually smell the tartness under layers of tropical fruit, berries, and a resinous herbal character. The flavour kicks it up a notch with even more fruit and berries, and a pleasant dankness supported by fresh herbs and pineapple. The moderate sourness and carbonation help elevate both the flavour and aroma. It will disappear from your glass before you know it.

Hits different kettle sour

Fun Fact: This label will 100% will remind you of Q*bert if you are a child of the ‘80s

Can Sour Play Nice with Bitter?

Can a beer be sour, bitter, and desirable? Dry-hopped kettle sours achieve this combination of bitter, sour, good, and well, a little different.

To make a dry-hopped sour beer, hops are added to the kettle after it has already fermented. Hops usually don’t play a significant role in sour beers, but dry-hopped sour beers are able to combine sour beer flavours with the floral, herby, piney, and/or citrus aromas that come from hops. The addition of hops also enhances certain flavours of the fermentation process to give aromas of hay and grass, and the tropical taste of mango and pineapple.

These exciting sour beers provide all the needed components to be better than usual without even needing to add the hot tub, the ski hill, the hockey game, or the shower. So if you are boring like us, just grab a pack of our newest beer, head home and let the fun, vibrant, and tasty aroma of our dry-hopped kettle sour be all you need to not take this moment for granted.

THAT Beer Hits Different

You know when you go to the fridge, but it’s all stuff you’ve had before? So you hit up the liquor store and you walk into that corner where they keep the craft stuff? You know when you see that dope label with a style you’ve never tried, so you take it home and now you have a new favourite brew that hits different.

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