Cryo Baby | IPA

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Cryo Baby | IPA

Don’t be a Cry Baby – Have a Cryo Baby! No, not the 90’s cult classic film; we are talking about our refreshing new IPA!

ABV 6.8%
IBU 54
SRM 4.7


Tasting Notes

This hazy, golden beer rests under a cap of fine, white, and lacy foam. The aromas are intense and in your face with tropical fruit, stone fruit, mandarin, and a bright touch of herbal mint. The beer has a soft, creamy mouthfeel and only a moderate carbonation which helps bring forth the orange citrus, stone fruit, and herbal hop notes. The malt is present as a slight crackery tone along with a touch of honey. The alcohol is warming and leads to a finish of fruity bubble gum that gives way to nice lingering bitterness.

Cryo Baby | IPA

Fun Fact: Cry-Baby film maker, John Waters, bought $30 worth of teen magazines and realized every single one of them had Johnny Depp on the cover so he made the call to Depp’s agent to have him audition for the role in Cry-Baby.

What Are Cryo Hops?

Using liquid nitrogen, the raw hop is chilled to subzero temperatures, then they shatter it and this separates the lupulin from the hop cone. Lupulin is the bitter, yellowish powder found within the hop plant. The concentrated lupulin contains the resins and aromatic oils without the vegetative material from the rest of the plant.

Why Use Cryo Hops for this IPA?

The concentrated oils and resins actually enhance the intense hop flavour and aromas. This is great for brewers as this concentrated material can be efficiently used for large quantities without introducing any astringent aromas or wasting any vegetative material usually produced from the hops.

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