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By: Naomi Kerchinsky

Push those hands up in the air, and let’s raise some awareness for people who care. For every dog who deserves a home, no one wants to be disowned! In collaboration with Central Alberta Humane Society (CAHumane), we have launched a Raise the Woof Kentucky Common. A portion of the proceeds of this beer will go to CAHumane. To kick things off on Thursday, September 23rd, you can come and enjoy a pint of it in our taproom for $1 off! Let’s start the party!

Raise The Woof Kentucky Common
Raise the Woof Kentucky Common
ABV 5.3%
IBU 21
SRM 30

The Uncommon Kentucky Common

Raise the Woof  pours a deep golden colour with an aroma of corn-like sweet maltiness and notes of biscuit, caramel, and bread crumbs. Made with a higher ratio of corn in the malt bill to barley and wheat, there is a distinct corn flavor with a bit of nuttiness from the malt. It is a very well-balanced beer that tastes darker than it looks. Like its cousin, the California Common, the Kentucky Common is an American style of beer that was popular in the late 19th to early 20th century. Due to a lack of refrigeration during that time period, this style of beer is fermented with a lager yeast at ale temperatures. For our beer, we used Escarpment Labs, Gold Rush Lager yeast to achieve this. This produces a beer that is light-flavoured but with malt accents. California Commons are more accessible to drinkers over the Kentucky Common, and the main difference between the two styles is the Kentucky Common has a higher ratio of corn in the mash bill. This beer should be more common, because it is delicious. Support a great cause, and grab a 4-pack to enjoy as the perfect backyard beer to have with your pup.

Raise The Woof Kentucky Common

Fun Fact: Prohibition killed the Kentucky Common – this Kentucky staple disappeared during prohibition.

Calling All Pint & Pup Lovers

On Thursday, September 23, Troubled Monk will celebrate the release of their Kentucky Common seasonal, Raise the Woof, in collaboration with the Central Alberta Humane Society. To kick-off the collaboration, Troubled Monk will take $1 off every pint sold at the brewery that day. This partnership between Troubled Monk and the Central Alberta Humane Society (CAHumane) will raise funds for the shelter’s efforts to treat, care for, and re-home unwanted, abandoned, and stray companion animals.

“The decision to collaborate with CAHumane was an easy one,” said Lisa Mackey, Marketing Manager at Troubled Monk. “Everyone here loves animals and wants to support the care for rescues that need a second chance.” The CAHumane team appreciates how dog-friendly the Troubled Monk patio is and how engaged their staff are with the mission to help animals thrive.

This partnership will serve as an important reminder to the community regarding the essential service animal shelters provide. Like most businesses in the last 18 months, CAHumane has been faced with challenges, particularly with the cancellation of major fundraising events such as their annual Garage Sale and Holiday Gala. Community support, like this collaboration with Troubled Monk, makes it possible for CAHumane to provide hundreds of lost and abandoned animals with shelter, food, enrichment and veterinary care.

Please visit Troubled Monk on September 23 and enjoy $1 off every pint purchased of Raise the Woof in support of the Central Alberta Humane Society. The generous donations made by the Central Alberta community make it possible for CAHumane to do this important work. If you’re not able to support this collaboration directly please consider donating to the Central Alberta Humane Society at

A Clever Name for a Few Reasons

First and foremost, “Raise the Woof” sounds like “Raise the Roof” which is a fine joke on its own. Then you consider this is a collaboration with Central Alberta Humane Society and it’s like “Oh, I get it. They have dogs!” BUT IT GETS BETTER. “Raise the Woof” is also a double entendre for partying, and for raising a dog you’ve adopted.

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