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By: Naomi Kerchinsky

Instead of that knuckle sandwich right to the kisser, offer that oh-so-punchable face a beer as strong in flavour as Mark Henry, and as happy in feeling as the Dudebusters.

Punchable Face - Troubled Monk
Punchable Face
ABV 7%
IBU 33
SRM 4.8

Hazy IPA that packs a tropical punch

With the dog days of summer on the way, this hazy golden-coloured beer has a fine white head. The aroma is tropical with citrus and fruity geranium accents, and bright herbal notes. At first flavour you get a brief herbal bitterness that passes quickly into guava, passionfruit, and pineapple before descending into a last lingering kiss of coconut. A mix of Sabro, Idaho-7 and Bru-1 hops gives this beer its tropical notes, but also is sweetly balanced with a malt mix of pilsner, wheat, oat, flaked oats, and Red Shed Rocky Mountain Malt. The hops provide a short period of bitterness, but it all drops away leaving a malty sweetness and a bit of hop burn tingling at the back of the throat.

Punchable Face - Troubled Monk

Fun Fact: This is Troubled Monk brewer Andrew’s first large scale IPA recipe.

Scream at that Yeast Instead

We are with you, we hear you, and sometimes that person deserved to be socked right in the kisser. But can you take a blow and stay in the ring, young grasshopper? It might feel like a knock to your ego. You might feel powerless. And we know you just want the best for yourself and the ones you love. So can you hold back the fury in your fist and turn your anger another way?

For when you create an IPA with traditional Kveik (pronounced Kwie-ick) yeast, the Norwegians expect that beer to be strong and the people to be cheerful when they drink it. Let’s not piss the Norweigians off. Leave the strong man muscles to this beer, and kill your opponent with kindness by offering them a beer instead.

Now that we got that out of the way, do you still need to work out some anger? Again, let’s go back to those Norwegians for some anger management inspiration. Join us in spirit for the strange, yet enlightening, Norwegian custom, the yeast scream. We see it as a great way to get out that inner anger and, at the same time, bless a beer to be strong and cheerful. Here’s how it works. When pitching the yeast (can be heard at 55 seconds), scream into the fermenter, and let the yeast take that anger load and manifest it for the greater purpose of making a hell-of-a-good beer. You release your anger, and a worthy beer is made in exchange. We hope you enjoy Troubled Monk’s first official hazy beer as much as we do, and to share it with your friends and enemies all the same.

Share a drink with a very Punchable Face

There is something about that face we all find VERY punchable. Maybe the jawline looks like a target. Or the stupid grin looks like it could eat a knuckle sandwich. Or a twinkle in the eye says, “We would look better black and blue.” But we don’t want you to get into a fist fight. Give them this beer instead, and share a drink with a very Punchable Face.

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