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By: Naomi Kerchinsky

This refreshing Munich Helles, Oktoberfest, was brewed for Spirit of Red Deer’s annual Oktoberfest Event! The party was coming back to Red Deer, and we were going to Giv’er Helles with lederhosen and pretzels plenty, but the party got canceled. The good news is the beer still got brewed, and it is Bavarian liquid gold. Easy drinking yet tasty enough to enjoy by the can or the Maß. Próst!

Oktoberfest Munich Helles
Oktoberfest Munich Helles
ABV 4.8%
IBU 20
SRM 3.3

Sweet, Herbal & Spicy, Refreshing

Oktoberfest pours a clear straw almost golden colour. The fine white head dissipates slowly as you smell sweet corn and crackers from the malt. The Hallertau mittelfruh hops are herbal and a little spicy. The flavour is smooth and clean with a nice balance between the malt character of soda crackers or french bread and the hops notes of hay, herbs and pepper. The carbonation and lager character give this a finish with a crisp impression and just enough linger to remind you to take another sip.

Oktoberfest Munich Helles

Fun Fact: Oktoberfest does not begin in October, the celebration was moved to September in 1872 because the weather is better.

Create your own Bavarian Celebration

Beer for Bavarians is a staple. All roads in Bavaria eventually lead to a beer garden where beer – also known as liquid gold amongst Bavarians – flows like water. Oktoberfest (Oktoberfestbier) is any beer by the big 6 Munich breweries and served on Oktoberfest grounds. Oktoberfest celebrates Bavarian culture and Bavarian beer culture. Oktoberfest is about beer, lots and lots of beer. And it is arguable that no one knows beer as well as the Bavarians. They also like to keep it simple, and most tents will offer only the following for beer styles: Helles (the most common), Dunkels, Radlers, Hefeweizen, or alcohol-free. So to make it easy, we have brewed for you our Munich Helles, a proper Bavarian style, to ensure your celebration this October has plenty of the liquid gold it needs to go off without a hitch.

Now, beer aside, Oktoberfest is also about food. And you can’t have an Oktoberfest celebration without pretzels. Pretzels and beer are a perfect pairing. During Oktoberfest, you will be sure to find pretzels in one of the 21 food tents on the grounds. Other delights include spit-roasted chicken, roasted ham hocks, roasted pork, sausages, grilled fish on a stick, and potato dumplings and pancakes.

The third main element of Oktoberfest is the fairgrounds. Now creating your own amusement park might get a little bit tricky, but one of the go-to rides is called “toboggan”, so if it snows in October in Alberta, which is possible, you can always recreate this ride at a local hill. Or just grab yourself some roasted almonds and candy floss, a couple of Bavarian fairground treats.

Grab a Pretzel!

Grab a pretzel and your lederhosen, because it’s Oktoberfest, Bruder! The event may be canceled, but the beer is still brewed for you to have a proper Bavarian celebration, wherever you take it. Schones Oktoberfest, jederman!

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