Smart Cookies – Snickerdoodle White Stout

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Sugar and Spice and EVERYTHING Nice!

ABV 5.5%
IBU 26
SRM 5.5


Fun Fact: This was the very first beer brewed to be sold by Megan and Natalie! They crushed it.

From Brewers, Megan & Natalie

We wanted to brew this style because a white stout is not commonly seen in the market and this style came with challenges that were interesting to us.
With the trials we had done of this recipe we felt really good with our recipe targets, but the complexity of this recipe comes with the addition of other ingredients such as the coffee, cacao, cinnamon and vanilla. It’s difficult to balance all of these components.
The design with its light and fluffy colors inspired us in this recipe and since the recipe was designed to taste like a cookie, the name Smart Cookies was a perfect fit. The hashtag sugar and spice shows the partnership that came together with one of us being the sugar and the other being the spice.
A lot of what was done in this recipe was new to us fresh Brewers. Formulating for lactose, finding the right yeast, ensuring we get the body we wanted and defining how carbonated this beer should be were all parts that we carefully considered and defined together.

What is a White Stout?

The White Stout beer is a gorgeous Golden Ale that is made to mimic the flavours and aromas of a traditional Stout. This beer style is created by adding cold steeped coffee, vanilla beans and cacao nibs instead of dark roasted malts.

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