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By: Naomi Kerchinsky

Sunny spring days bring patio dwellers to soak in spring’s promise of summer’s arrival. And what better way to embrace the season than the latest iteration of the craft beer Made in The Shade series: Blueberry Fruit Beer.

Made in the Shade Blueberry
Blueberry Fruit Beer
ABV 5%
IBU 13
SRM purplish red

An Easy Drinking Fruited Blonde Ale

Straight up, it tastes like a blonde ale – easy and crushable. Yet it brings a complexity that captures the flavours of summer. Brewed with real blueberries, this fruit beer is sure to please, year round. This beer is blue…not in feeling, but only in its blue-like purplish-red colour.

The smell of blueberry hits first, slightly sweet carrying with it cranberry and a little raspberry. The flavour offers a slightly earthy taste reminiscent of summer market days where B.C. blueberries are plentiful on every corner. If you let the beer meander across your tastebuds, you’ll taste a tiny bit of animal cracker before it dips back to the berry. There’s a lingering bitterness from Mt. Hood hops to offset the sweeter berry notes, with just a kiss of pine and lemon pith. A simple yet complex pleasure.

Made in the Shade Blueberry

Fun Fact: No bears or humans were hurt during the process of picking the blueberries from the blueberry bush.

Grab Warm Spring Day’s By The Horn

The fruited blonde ale is the perfect pint to reassure you that summer is on its way. Grab a pack at the taproom, your local liquor store, or delivered to your door while supplies last. For when the summer heat hits, this beer is one you surely will want in your backyard cooler. Or dust off that bicycle, hit the awesome Red Deer trails, and join us for a friendly pint on our patio. We figured, why wait for it to be summer to make a summer drink? In Alberta, you gotta grab these double digit spring days by the horns and simply let that sun dry up any blue feelings in your bones.

Drink up those Summer Day’s

One sip of Made In The Shade: Blueberry will take you back to summer days in the berry bush with stained fingers and fruity flavours! ABV 5%

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