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By: Naomi Kerchinsky

The triple dog dare is the superlative dare. Execution takes extreme dedication. And in order to make a Triple IPA, we needed not only the dedication of our own team but the dedication of our friends as well. Collaboration is what this Triple IPA is all about. Brewed with Dog Island Brewing this beer is full of hops and friendship galore, every sip reminding us to never back down on a good time.

Triple Dog Dare - Troubled Monk
Triple Dog Dare
ABV 11.1%
IBU 50+
SRM 7.5

Collaboration, Bubblicious Tropical Punch, Heavy-Hitter

Brewed with our good friends at Dog Island Brewing, this Triple IPA’s special ingredient is the spirit of friendship and camaraderie. It pours mostly clear with a nice golden hue. To the nose, the beer is hoppy with juicy fruit gum and tropical fruit from the Simcoe, Galaxy, and Cascade hop characters. The alcohol is present but subdued, allowing just a hint of malty goodness to poke through. The flavour is punchy with orange citrus, tropical fruits, and a bit of bubble gum. The alcohol is warming, but not hot, which makes this heavy hitter a bit dangerous. So raise a glass to collaboration, but please enjoy this 11.1% delight responsibly.

Triple Dog Dare - Troubled Monk

Fun Fact: This beer was named together on collaboration day starting with the idea of naming it Troubled Dog Dare, before moving to the unanimous Triple Dog Dare.

The Spirit of Collaboration

This beer tastes like collaboration. And what does collaboration exactly taste like? While according to Kennedy from Dog Island Brewing, collaboration tastes like a party. The recipe is drawn up prior to brewing day, so the day itself becomes an excuse to get together in a fun and productive way, and to hang out with friends in the industry. A time to catch up, have a good time and try all the different beers that everyone has made.

And sometimes a good party leads to a good hangover. One of the special ingredients mentioned in Triple Dog Dare at 11.1% ABV is a hangover. Hangovers happen, but you can feel a bit of nostalgic joy when it was a good time with good friends.

This beer is as tasty as it is memorable. Well, the memories do get a bit foggy once Chad from Dog Island Brewing tapped into that 10L jug of Troubled Tea and started serving it around the taproom. Can we blame him though? Maybe he was Triple Dog Dared?

NEVER Back Down

We know you never back down. When a warning says “don’t try this at home” there’s a chance you’ve already done it. It’s honestly getting a bit out of hand, but we respect the dedication. This triple IPA is all about that dedication, so we made it in collaboration with Dog Island Brewing because it takes all the power we have to make a Triple Dog Dare for the person who never backs down.

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