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Showcasing the prairies and the rich textures of ingredients that go into every bottle of GrainHenge Whisky.

GrainHenge Whisky

GrainHenge celebrates the mysterious synergies created when people and ingredients are brought together with curiosity and consideration. An important element of this is the connection to the prairies, and showcasing the Alberta landscape, the people, and the rich textures of ingredients that go into each bottle of GrainHenge. Every bottle brings together the elements of grain, wood, water and time interacting with people and the prairies to transform into something special.

The name GrainHenge symbolizes Alberta’s rich history of grain elevators, mills and abandoned wood structures that are the iconic symbols of the prairies. Grain elevators appear like monoliths out of the landscape. Abandoned mills and wood structures remind us of stories untold. If the wood could speak, what secrets would it tell of the past? These monuments that now inspire awe, once motivated gatherings and ceremonies. Much like an ancient henge, full of mystery and folklore.

GrainHenge Whisky

The Pillars of GrainHenge

GrainHenge whisky comes together slowly, naturally, and deliberately over a period of many years. Our knowledge of the elements: the pillars of grain, wood, water and time informs our next step. The boldness of the prairies, the humbleness of the trade, and our journey to create craft beverages worth sharing have given us the ability to think in new ways. Join us on our craft whisky journey, and we will reward you with exciting Canadian made whisky.

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