Golden Gaetz Golden Ale

This is your gateway to craft beer. Golden and delicious, this easy-drinking beer is your new “go-to”.

What's Inside

Golden Gaetz Golden Ale showcases the renowned quality of Canadian malts. The malt furnishes the backbone of light bread or biscuit with sweet corn while the hops provide balance with a hint of lemon followed by black pepper and just a whisper of dark berries. Its lower strength and bitterness make it the perfect beer to enjoy on a patio, while camping, or pretty much anywhere.

Nutrition Facts

ALC/VOL 5.0%
IBU 15
Golden Gaetz Brew

Golden Gaetz Golden Ale – Alberta in a Glass

In the heart of the vibrant town of Red Deer, where the legacy of Rev. Leonard Gaetz lives on, emerges a beer that encapsulates the spirit of the region – Golden Gaetz Golden Ale. Crafted with care and dedication, this beer is not just a beverage; it's a celebration of local pride, tradition, and the rich agricultural tapestry that defines Alberta.

At the core of Golden Gaetz is a commitment to purity and approachability. This golden elixir is our cleanest creation, reminiscent of the classic lager style that has won the hearts of beer enthusiasts across the globe. But Golden Gaetz is more than just a beer; it's an ode to the fertile lands surrounding Red Deer, where about 93% of the barley is sourced within a mere 50-mile radius of our brewery.

Named after the esteemed Rev. Leonard Gaetz, whose farm laid the foundation for the townsite of Red Deer in 1890, Golden Gaetz pays homage to this local hero. In his honor, the main north-south roadway was named, symbolizing a connection that transcends time.

As you savor a sip of Golden Gaetz, you embark on a journey through the fields of Alberta. Light malt flavors dance on your palate, creating a symphony of delicate notes that evoke the essence of freshly baked bread and sweet corn. The hops, gentle and subtle, provide a harmonious balance with hints of lemon, followed by a touch of black pepper and a whisper of dark berries.

This is more than just a beer – it's a sensory experience, a tribute to the quality of Canadian malts, and a nod to the proud heritage of Red Deer. Golden Gaetz Golden Ale, with its lower strength and mild bitterness, is the perfect companion for those sunny patio sessions, camping adventures, or any moment that calls for a refreshing pause.

So, raise your glass and join us in celebrating the golden legacy of Rev. Leonard Gaetz with each sip of Golden Gaetz – where the spirit of Alberta comes alive in a glass. Cheers to tradition, to community, and to the Golden Gaetz experience!

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