Meeting Creek No.2

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Brimming with warmth, toasted coconut, chocolate, marzipan, and nutty flavours, we introduce: Meeting Creek No.2

What's Inside

Style: Single Malt Whisky
Nose: Hints of honey, decadent milk chocolate, and malt characters
Palate: Brimming with warmth, toasted coconut, chocolate, marzipan, and nutty flavours.
Finish: Bold finish with slightly sweet lingering chocolate.
Cask Types: #3 Char New American White Oak, #4 Char New American White Oak
Mash Bill: 2-Row, Brown and Chocolate Malts, Crystal


Whisky Facts

ALC/VOL 56.7%
MATURATION 54 months
GrainHenge Whisky Bottle


GrainHenge’s inaugural Meeting Creek Single Malt Whisky celebrates the mysterious synergies created when people and ingredients are brought together with curiosity and consideration. Tall and proud like the grain elevators of time’s past, Meeting Creek stands as a beacon of inspiration and ingenuity. These giant signposts of the west remind us of communities that came before us. That distance used to be travelled by wagon, and time moved slower. But as these icons slowly disappear from our prairie horizon, it’s these stories of the past that are the energy of our future and the silver lining to our new world of whisky exploration.

Meeting Creek Single Malt Whisky is influenced by one of Troubled Monk’s core beers, Open Road American Brown Ale. A world class beer with wonderful roasty flavours. When head distiller, Garret Haynes, rewrote this recipe for distillation, he used Open Road’s mash bill for inspiration, increasing the quantity of the specialty malts so the notes of nut, caramel and chocolate would shine in the finished spirit.

Made with a combination of 2-row, amber, crystal, brown, and chocolate malts, this small batch whisky was matured for 40 months in #2 and #4 charred New American Oak barrels. It deserved to be bottled at barrel strength, so you can enjoy it at full flavour.

Meeting Creek Whisky Inspriation

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