If The Crown Fits

100% enchanted, If The Crown Fits is a sweet and tangy pineapple beer with a creamy finish. Truly reminiscent of the Dole whip soft serve from Disneyland that inspired it! Kettle-soured, dosed with fresh pineapple, and treated with lactose creates a remarkable balance between an iconic pineapple soft serve and a taproom treat.

What's Inside

The first thing you’ll smell is the pineapple, followed by tropical-citrus notes from the proprietary “Pink Boots” hops blend. It pours a yellow-straw colour with a fine white head. The nose is greeted by a big burst of pineapple and a little malt sweetness. The flavour is fresh pineapple layered over a gentle tartness that is softened by the lactose. The hops are more noticeable after the first couple of sips, but lend subtle tropical fruit flavour that supports the pineapple and give it a little more depth while also balancing the fruit sweetness with a very slight bitterness. This beer is super refreshing and won’t last long as the days get longer and warmer.

Beer Facts

ALC/VOL 5.3%
IBU 25.8
SRM 2.4
If the Crown Fits Seasonal Brew


In 2021, Troubled Monk brewed an array of seasonal delights that left fans craving more. As each unique brew sold out, the question of its return lingered until November 2021, when Monk Madness took center stage. This exhilarating single-elimination battle saw 32 exceptional seasonal beers compete, with If The Crown Fits Dole Whip Kettle Sour emerging victorious.
Crafted from Troubled Monk's 2021 Pink Boots Women’s Brew, this sensational beer showcases creativity and flavor innovation. The Pink Boots blend of hops, pineapple goodness, and a surprising twist of Greek yogurt culminated in a crushable concoction capturing hearts and taste buds.
If The Crown Fits, a radiant yellow-straw hue with a fine white head, promises a unique sensory journey. Bursting with pineapple aroma and subtle malt sweetness, its flavor profile features fresh pineapple puree, delivering fruity tartness softened by lactose.
As you savor the Pink Boots blend hops, adding nuanced tropical fruit flavors, it's a journey to Disneyland's Aloha Isle in each sip. But, beware – this enchanting elixir won't linger. As days lengthen and weather warms, If The Crown Fits becomes a fleeting pleasure, urging you to seize the moment and relish a beer that triumphed in Monk Madness, captivating as a seasonal favorite that demands a triumphant return.

If the crown fits - troubled monk

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