Clear Craft Crushables | Giv’er Helles

By: Naomi Kerchinsky

After given’r 100% every day all week, are you ready to crack one? A cool one? Maybe even gun one? Well we got the one for you to get it going. Troubled Monk’s seasonal Give’r Helles is a clear, crushable, summer craft beer that will have you howling for more. Awooooo!

troubled monk giv'er helles munich helles beer. In select stores, the taproom and online at
Giv’er Helles

A Great Summer Beer

This pale ale is brightly clear with an aroma of summery feels: fresh field grass and flowers, light cereal, and a touch of lemon-orange citrus. Flavors of corn, malt and cracker come through first before finishing with dried hay, black pepper and spice at the finish. The carbonation is refreshing, and the bitterness is just high enough to scrub the sweetness from the tongue.

a red and black troubled monk can of give'r helles munich helles and a pint of the pale colored, brightly clear. lager

Fun Fact: Head brewer Garret Haynes’ only regret with this beer is he wishes he brewed a 60 of it. Get this one before it disappears.

Turn up the Good

Macro-tasting clear beers are not typically on the seasonal spread at craft breweries. They tend to be quieter in comparison to the loud flavors delivered by seasonal DIPA’s, IPA’s, sours, fruit beers and dark beers. Yet even the biggest hophead needs a palette cleanser once in a while, namely a really well-done craft lager. We think even FUBAR’s Pil Country poster boy Terry, would agree this beer is turning up the good. Troubled Monk’s Giv’er Helles is inspired by a line of great seasonal beers brewed in old traditions. This German-style helles will leave you wanting more for whatever needs you to get out there and giv’er today.

Troubled Monk's black and red cans of Give'r Helles Munich helles

Just Keep Given’r

The plan is to just get out there and Giv’er. Whether you’re puttin’ in overtime, taking time off, or gettin’ the truck unstuck. You’ve just gotta get out there and giv’er 100% every day. If that doesn’t work? As it stands, plan B is to just keep on given’r.