Complicated Origins | Weird History

By: Naomi Kerchinsky

Troubled Monk’s newest beer, Weird History, is an uberdunkelweizenrachsaurbier, a mysterious style that’s recipe origins are, well, complicated. One thing is for sure: this style of beer has a choose-your-own-adventure type vibe, and is definitely not boring. As you let your pallet explore and decode this beer you will likely find that your glass is empty too soon.

Weird History

Dark, Smoky, Sour, Weird yet Satisfying

This beer pours a dark brown and appears to look like a stout with a tan head of foam. On the nose you will smell banana and smoke, quickly followed by chocolate, cherries, plums, and red fruit with a sour aroma throughout. This beer features the first ever in-house smoked Troubled Monk malt, as well as Red Shed Black Bear, Red Shed Kananaskis, Red Shed Light Chocolate, Wheat Malt, and C-60. This beer tastes like everything you can smell and more. The Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops are subdued and barely register, allowing the smoke to linger. This one is weird, yet satisfying.

Fun Fact: Uberdunkelweizenrauchsaurbier is German for overdark, wheat, smoky, sour beer. 

How do I begin to explain Weird History’s origin?

Weird History has more than one story. Caz told me that Garret told him that this is actually a Haynes family recipe passed on to Garret in ‘99. Garret was sworn to keep the recipe in his fly fishing vest until the recipe spoke to him and told him he must make this beer. Rumour has it, the recipe began whispering to him last summer. 

There was also this one time London told Jamie who told Chantal that this beer is actually derived from ambrosia of the Greek gods. London found this out when she was in Greece last October to get scuba certified. She was relaxing on some rocks by the seaside when out of nowhere the holy beverage was brought to her by doves, and she quickly decoded all the flavours in this nectar of the gods. Chantal thinks that London is truly the real mastermind behind the recipe. 

Now Duane does not think so. According to him, he thinks Lance is the one behind this. The real reason Lance built this malt smoker was just so he could create Weird History. In 2019 Lance was out in a farmer’s field by Alix when he stumbled upon this old abandoned farm house. Lance was grabbing some wood from it that he was going to repurpose for Troubled Monk Cabanas, and found a scroll inside of an old growler in one of the walls. Scribed on this scroll was this recipe. 

Now Konner on the other hand, is 100% convinced it was discovered in some ancient ruin labyrinth….it’s all very complicated, and we are not sure what to really think anymore. All we do know is this recipe has some weird history.

It’s Complicated

An uberdunkelweizenrauchsaurbier is a mysterious style that our head brewer discovered in an ancient dwelling hidden at the end of the labyrinth that only opens its doors once every 100 years. Either that, or he made it up and lied to us. Weird History has an origin, but it’s complicated.