Last Call | Czech Dark Lager

By: Nena Armstrong

Introducing our exclusive new collaboration with Wine and Beyond- Last Call: Czech Dark Lager 

ABV 4.3%
IBU 29
SRM 50

Tasting Notes

It pours very dark with beautiful ruby highlights on the edge of the glass. The tan coloured foam subsides with a nice lacing on the glass. You can smell the roasted malts and chocolate with layers of bread and blueberry. It is smooth with a light to medium body and just a little hop bitterness. The roast malts express themselves as breadcrust, coffee and chocolate but leave room for hints of berry and pomegranate. In the finish you will find the unique character of floor malted barley along with a crisp clean edge that compels you to take another sip. It is dark and roasty but with the easy drinkability of a lager- a perfect segue for the seasons.

Fun Fact: The Czech name for this style of beer is ‘Tmav Pivo’ which translates to ‘Dark Beer’ . It originated in Bohemia, now known as the western part of The Czech Republic.

Saving the best for last..

We partnered up with Wine and Beyond for their 10 Beers for 10 Years campaign. We wanted to showcase a beer of complexity, rich flavours, and memorable uniqueness. Named after the bar’s inevitable last call for alcohol, this new brew won’t make you think twice about wanting #ANOTHERROUND! Whether the night is coming to an end, or your nightly journey is just beginning, one last reach for this flavoursome Czech Dark Lager is a must!  

Czech Dark Lager – Hundreds of Years in Style

Invented hundreds of years ago in Prague’s oldest brewery that was founded in 1499, this style of dark beer quickly became a fan favourite. It has low to medium hop profile, and this lager is usually crafted using the native Czech Saaz hops which is responsible for the overall bold spiced flavour.