Comfort Zone – Helles Lager

By: Nena Armstrong

Sip into your Comfort Zone this winter with this super crushable and light new brew. 

ABV 4.8%
IBU 20

Tasting Notes

 Extra golden with a bright white pillowy head. Aromas of fresh bread, a touch of herb, with a hint of honey. Goes down with a full mouthfeel that is rich, savory and smooth. A toasty finish balanced with a touch of sweetness.

Fun Fact: The term “comfort zone” was originally coined by Alasdair White, a Business Management Theorist, in 2009

Chill Out..

Nothing feels better than getting out of your damp and chilly clothes and slipping on some warm and cozy knits after a long winter’s day. #SWEATERWEATHER 


Whether your task list is long, or you have the day off to relax, these new short cans are sure to make it a whole lot more enjoyable! Put your feet up, put on a good tune, and sink into your Comfort Zone.

What is a Helles Lager?

“Helles” means “pale in color,” as these beers are often golden. The German-style helles lager is a bit rounder or fuller-bodied than light lager and even all-malt pilsners. Helles lager beers offer a touch of sweetness that balance a measurable addition of spicy German hop flavor and light bitterness