Beverage Epiphany | Market Garden Coffee Ale

By: Naomi Kerchinsky

Get ready to shake all your notions of what you think you know about coffee beers. The newest release in our shop local Market Garden series will have you hollering, “Eureka! Now this is the perfect drink to solve the problem on whether I should have beer or coffee?” With Market Garden Coffee Ale, you don’t have to choose.

Market Garden Coffee Ale. Collaboration with Dark Woods Brewing. In our taprooms, the gasoline alley Farmers Market, and online at
Marker Garden: Coffee Ale

Cold Brew Coffee Beer

The Market Garden Coffee Ale is the second release in the Market Garden series. This series is a collaboration that combines Troubled Monk beer with local vendor ingredients. To make this beer, the Troubled Monk team collaborated with Dark Woods Brewing & Coffee Roasting, local vendor at Gasoline Alley Farmer’s Market. Dark Woods provided a Honduran Coffee as the added ingredient. The coffee was coarsely ground, and put into the bottom of an empty keg.  A brewed Troubled Monk beer was then added to the grounds instead of water, and steeped overnight to create a strong concentrated beer coffee. It was then pushed through the tank, and again added to course grounds in an empty keg. This process was repeated three times to get the right balance of beer and coffee flavour. 

The result provides a surprising final product that pours a deep gold with an ivory head, yet the aroma unmistakably smells of coffee with a little bit of hazelnut, raisin and date coming from the malt. A medium carbonation leaves the Dark Woods coffee to shine as it lingers on your taste buds after each sip. A perfect balance of coffee and beer with no bitterness. The 2-Row, Red Shed Kananaskis and Special B malt supports the flavor with notes of dark and dried fruit and Dad’s cookies. The Mt. Hood and Hallertau Blanc hops occasionally poke through a subtle white grape and berry flavor.

Fun Fact: This beer was made to bend your mind and to start a conversation. When you hear coffee beer, you think dark, but what you get is a light beer that smells and tastes like coffee. The true breakfast beer of champions!

The AHA!

It’s finally date night and you’re headed out on the town, but you can’t decide if you should go for coffee or beer. You’re at a complete standstill, unable to choose one over the other. This decision should not require this much thought. Enter Troubled Monk and Dark Woods to the rescue! Their aha moment – crafting a cold brew coffee beer – will fuel your aha moment. The sudden and striking realization hits. You don’t have to choose. You can have the best of both worlds. Your two favorite liquid gold beverages in one delightful package. Enjoy this moment in time, raising your glass to your date, taking a sip and shaking your head at the mind-blowing taste of beer that tastes like coffee, or coffee that tastes like beer? You two lovebirds talk it out. That’s what this beer is all about. 

Picture of a coffee cup, a french press and a can of troubled monk's market garden coffee ale

This Date Night? Shop Local. 

Choosing a drink for date night shouldn’t be hard. Should you have coffee? Should you have beer? Why not just have both? Market Garden Coffee Ale is a Troubled Monk collaboration brew with Dark Woods Brewing & Coffee Roasting in Innisfail. We used their coffee, and our beer to make the perfect drink for morning-folks AND night-owls.