Have A Float, Build A Rink | Fundraiser At Hawk Tail Brewery June 29th

By: Konner Brown

How It Started

Looking for a Troubled Monk ice cream float? We’ve got you covered.

Early in June, Troubled Monks received a hand-written letter (pictured below) that read-
“Dear Bud (Troubled Monks Sales Manager), My name is Nixon Goodwin and I am in grade 2 at Rimbey Elementary. We are raising money to build a new skating rink. My family owns part of Hawktail Brewery and I am organizing ice-cream floats as a fundraiser for the rink on the last day of school. I am wondering if we can pair with Troubled Monk for the sodas for our floats? Thank you for your time. From, Nixon Goodwin.”

How It’s Going

Nixon has taken our partnership very seriously. From organizing the event, to giving his class a presentation to prep them for the big day. With such a professional running the show, we couldn’t say no!

The event will have floats with Orange, Root Beer, and Saskatoon Soda available.

You can help to build the rink by buying a Troubled Monk ice cream float at the Hawk Tail Brewery parking lot on June 29th, from 2pm-6pm, with 100% of the proceeds going to the rink project!