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By: Naomi Kerchinsky

What do you get when you combine the imagination of a craft brewer with some extra jalapenos from a take-home salsa kit? You get a HOT take on our funkiest twist in our Made in the Shade Fruit Beer series yet! This hot & juicy beer is the perfect companion to warm you from the inside out as you take cover from winter, or to share as a refreshing beverage with friends this holiday season.

MADE IN THE SHADE - Troubled Monk
Mango Peppers
ABV 4.50%
IBU 23
SRM Mango

Sweet. Spicy. Refreshing.

This golden coloured wheat beer pours with a fine white head. The aroma is arresting with jalapenos, green peppers, and red pepper jelly. The flavour starts with a quick burst of peppers that quickly transitions into sweet mango before fading back into pepper. It leaves you with a comfortable lingering heat in the back of the throat. The bulk of the heat fades quickly, leaving just a little reminder of a burn that is mild enough to suggest another round.

MADE IN THE SHADE - Troubled Monk

Fun Fact: There were no extracts used to make this beer, to create the mango-pepper flavour profile mango puree and a mix of fresh hot peppers were used.

Bring the FUNK

Innovation is the lifeblood of craft breweries. Flavour experimentation is encouraged to create a satisfying and unique product. The funkiness of breweries allows the brew team to play and have fun with ingredients, and experiment with different flavour profiles and depths, as they continually search for the perfect combination of the right ingredients to make exciting beer.

Mango Peppers is just that; an exciting beer. This beer was initially going to be a mango fruit beer. But when brew team member, Duane, brought in some extra jalapeno peppers leftover from a salsa kit, it gave head brewmaster, Garret, an idea. He took the peppers from Duane, cut them up, and added them to the first batch. He quickly realized he needed a lot more peppers. So he busted out the food processor in the lab and shredded bags upon bags of jalapeno, habanero, serrano, cayenne, and thai chili peppers to get just the right heat to balance the sweet.

Playing and having fun with the ingredients led to the perfect combination! It definitly is a beer that brings the funk.


Here is a hot take – Made in the Shade gets spicy. Our Mango Peppers flavour is the perfect balance of hot and juicy. The mango sweetness rounds out the flavour to keep this beer approachable, but we’ve got just enough intensity that you’ll be looking for some shade.

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