Juicy Gossip NEIPA

An IPA that’s here to stay! Why is it hazy? Well, the secret is out – HOPS! Lots and lots of hops, added with precise timing to squeeze all the delicious, juicy, tropical, citrusy goodness out of them. We wanted to keep it for ourselves, but decided to share this Juicy Gossip with you.

What's Inside

Mostly clear, though it may have a slight haze, with a fine white head. This golden hued beer greets the nose with a mix of tropical fruit and herbacious hop notes that include candied lemons, juicy fruit gum and a hint of wintergreen. The first sip reveals that it is hop forward with a fairly soft mouthfeel and a bitterness that only really asserts itself in the finish. Tropical fruits again dominate the flavour with a some orange citrus, piney and resinous hop character towards the end.

Beer Facts

ALC/VOL 6.5%
IBU 40
SRM 3.4
Juicy Gossip

The Rumours Are True

In a world where secrets are the spice of life, we bring you the brew that will be your ultimate confidant, your covert indulgence, your Juicy Gossip. It's a beer like no other, loaded with a bunch of juicy hops that'll have your taste buds buzzing with excitement and your senses tingling with delight.

Beneath its golden exterior lies a symphony of flavours, a tantalizing medley of hops that bursts with tropical fruits, citrus, and a touch of sweetness. It's like the most enticing piece of gossip that you can't resist sharing, but only with your inner circle.

Juicy Gossip invites you to unveil your hidden confidences, embracing the spirit of anonymous confessions just like all of those who've dared to share their quirky secrets at Troubled Monk before you.

So, pour yourself a glass of Juicy Gossip, lean in, and share your secrets with this clandestine brew. Let it be your companion in savoring the juicy tales of life. With each sip, you'll be reminded that life is best lived when you keep a few secrets close to your heart. Juicy Gossip is here to ensure those secrets are shared only with those who truly appreciate the art of keeping them.

Remember, the juiciest secrets are the ones that are never spilled. So, what's YOUR Juicy Gossip?

Juicy Gossip Can

Juicy Gossip NEIPA


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