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A conversation amongst the elements that go into every bottle of Grainhenge Whisky: grain, wood, water and time. 

GrainHenge Whisky


Whiskies are produced from the same raw materials world-wide: grain, yeast, and water. The general process is the same, but there are variations in production: the people, the place, the style of whisky, and the conversation amongst all the elements to create something that can’t easily be explained.

It is the impermanence of time that entices us to discover the unknown possibilities of Canadian-made whisky. A dance between people, places, and elements: our connection to the prairies, the Alberta landscape that surrounds us, and the four pillars of elements that make up the rich textures of ingredients that go into every bottle. We are at a new doorway, and we see this only as the beginning. The first pillar is grain.

It all starts with the land – the Alberta prairies and the raw grains that grow there. Then, there are the people: the farmers, the maltsters, and the craft maltsters. Firstly, the farmers grow the grain to specification. Next, the maltsters (whose expertise is in sourcing, malting, and roasting the barley) create the perfect conditions to convert the grain’s starches into sugars. Lastly, the craft maltsters add their own unique twist to provide different malting techniques that impart a range of flavors.

Next is us– the distillers. We have a major influence on the flavor of the whisky based on the choice of grain and malt we source. We have learned how both perform in the brewhouse, our favourite grains and malts to work with, and all the various ways and considerations when using both to create our mash bills and to make a whisky.

We are set to explore the mystery and boldness of all that Canadian-made whisky can be. As we step forward, the conversation of elements continues to challenge us with the conviction that there is always more to be discovered.

Follow our blog as we feature each of these pillars in more detail: wood, water and time. 

GrainHenge Whisky

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